Modern Sporting AR-15 Rifle is the most popular rifle in America

In the late 1950s, former U.S. Marine Eugene Stoner, developed the first AR-15 rifle to be used as a light weight multi-use civilian weapon. A common misconception about the name of the rifle is that AR is an acronym for Assault Riffle. In reality, the gun was named after the company that Mr. Stoner worked for at the time, ArmaLite. 

Because of its looks and light weight design, the ArmaLite Rifle 15, or AR-15 initially met with an underwhelming reception. At the time, the American public simply was not accustomed to seeing weapons styled in this way, and they bore little faith in the quality of a rifle that seemed so lightweight. The lack of initial interest led ArmaLight to sell the patent to Colt Firearms in the early 1960’s.  After Colt purchased the patent, designer Robert Fremont, further manipulated the AR-15’s design into what would eventually become the well known automatic firing version of the AR-15 known as the M-16.

Due to its light weight design and versatility the M-16 was adopted by the U.S. Military and used extensively in the Vietnam War. During the conflict, the M-16 gained wide recognition by soldiers as a sturdy and reliable weapon that was easy to disassemble and clean without the need for special tools. After the conflict, the civilian AR-15 found a cult like following among enthusiasts and ex-military personnel witch led to the AR-15 rifle being mass produced throughout the 1980s and beyond.  

Fast, powerful, and easy to maintain the AR-15 is recognized by many as one of the best hunting rifles available. In addition to hunting, the versatile AR-15 can also be used in sport shooting and self-defense situations. The AR-15 is light, adaptable, and has a military style that many enthusiasts find irresistible.  For some, the gun is merely a useful tool, for others, the rugged military like design brings an exhilarating rush that awakens the American sense of freedom and adventure. 

Another aspect of the AR-15 that adds to its appeal is that a person doesn’t need to be a gunsmith to customize it. The average person can disassemble the entire gun and put it back together quickly with very little experience and even fewer tools.  Additionally there is an abundant array of accessories available.  From custom rails to bi-pods, scopes, dot sights, tactical flashlights, and triggers, the possibilities go on and on. Only the enthusiast’s imagination and budget can limit what can be done with the AR-15. 

If history has taught us anything about the culture of the United States, it is that as soon as the government tries to dictate to the public what they can, or cannot have, suddenly everyone’s sense of independence awakens. Similar to the prohibition era when the sale of alcohol became illegal, in 1994 Congress placed a 10 year ban on “Assault rifles”. During the ban, a lot of people began looking for an outlet for the best survival rifles, and tactical rifles for sale, and in 2004 when the law against assault rifles was repealed, the popularity of the AR-15 exploded. 

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