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The Best Tactical Folding Knives and Pocket Knives for Everyday Use

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The best knife is the one in your pocket when you need it.  Matt Jones Manager - D.M.A. Inc.  Among enthusiasts, there have been many heated debates concerning what constitutes a great tactical folding knife. When discussing folding knives and what makes it the best, the same sort of open ended questions come up time and time again. Is it the steel that the blade is made of? Surgical stainless or high carbon alloy? Maybe it’s the blade style, or added features, like seat belt cutters, glass breakers, flash-lights, built in sharpeners. Is it the designer, or country of origin?...

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Top Wholesale Distributor of Butterfly Knives in USA

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Imagine being out for a jog, and suddenly you're approached by an attacker. What would you do?  Stand your ground? Run away screaming?  Are you going to spend your entire life in fear? It's time for a change; you should be able to protect yourself no matter what the situation entails. In today's unpredictable world, self-defense has become a necessity. After all, shouldn't you be in charge of your own safety? We all know that we should spare no effort when it comes to our health and safety. Part of remaining healthy is staying safe. In this case what are...

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