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10-929BLDM 8.75″ OTF Blue Titanium Coated Dagger Blade, a sleek and reliable Out The Front (OTF) knife that combines style with functionality. With its eye-catching blue titanium coating and sharp dagger blade, this knife is designed to impress and perform.

The 8.75″ OTF Blue Titanium Coated Dagger Blade features a striking blue titanium coating that not only enhances its aesthetics but also provides added durability and resistance to wear. This coating adds a touch of uniqueness to the knife, making it stand out in your collection.

Equipped with a sharp and precise dagger blade, this OTF knife is ready to tackle various cutting tasks. The dagger-style design features two symmetrical cutting edges that excel at piercing and thrusting, making it a versatile tool for both utility and self-defense purposes.


  1. Striking Blue Titanium Coating:
    • Eye-Catching Aesthetics
    • Unique and Distinctive Appearance
    • Enhanced Durability and Wear Resistance
  2. Precise and Sharp Dagger Blade:
    • Dagger-Style Design with Two Symmetrical Cutting Edges
    • Ideal for Piercing and Thrusting Tasks
    • Versatile for Utility and Self-Defense Purposes
  3. Quick and Effortless Blade Deployment:
    • Out The Front (OTF) Mechanism
    • Swift and Reliable Blade Opening
    • Immediate Access in Urgent Situations
  4. Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip:
    • Thoughtfully Designed Handle for Secure Hold
    • Comfortable Handling during Use
    • Minimizes Fatigue for Prolonged Use
  5. Reliable and Well-Crafted Construction:
    • Attention to Detail in Manufacturing
    • High-Quality Materials for Longevity
    • Ensures Dependable Performance
  6. Functional and Stylish Tool:
    • Versatile for Everyday Carry and Utility Tasks
    • Adds Style and Sophistication to Your Collection
    • Suitable for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Knife Enthusiasts Alike

Experience the impressive combination of style and functionality with the 10-929BLDM 8.75″ OTF Blue Titanium Coated Dagger Blade. Its striking blue titanium coating, sharp dagger blade, quick blade deployment, comfortable grip, and reliable construction make it a standout choice for those seeking a high-performing and visually appealing OTF knife. Elevate your cutting experience with this exceptional knife by your side.

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