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The FRSB45 45° Angle Sights are a set of sights designed to provide an additional aiming option for firearms. These sights are specifically angled at 45 degrees, allowing shooters to quickly transition between their primary optics and the offset sights without needing to adjust or remove their primary optic.

The FRSB45 Angle Sights are commonly used in scenarios where shooters need to engage targets at different distances or from varying angles, such as in close-quarters or urban environments. By tilting the firearm and aligning the 45° Angle Sights, shooters can acquire targets with minimal head movement, maintaining situational awareness and reducing the time required to engage threats.

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45° Angle Sights
• Machined from Lightweight and Durable Aircraft Aluminum
• Front Sight Elevation Adjustable
• Rear Sight Elevation and Windage Adjustable, with 1/2 MOA Click Value


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