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KN-18-GD Defense Knuckles

  1. Effective Self-Defense: In situations where personal safety is a concern, these defense knuckles can be used as a last-resort tool to deliver powerful strikes and create distance between you and a potential threat.
  2. Versatile Usage: The PK-2442BK Defense Knuckles can be used as a standalone self-defense tool or in conjunction with other defensive techniques.
  3. Discreet Carry: With their compact size and non-threatening appearance, these knuckles can be discreetly carried in your pocket or bag, ready for quick access if needed.


KN-18-GD Defense Knuckles
  • Weighs in at 4.6 ounces
  • Length: 4.5inc “
  • Height: 2.5″
  • 0.25 in thickness


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