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MCK GEN2 BL Generation 2 MCK

  1. Advanced Micro Conversion Kit: The MCK GEN2 BL is an advanced Micro Conversion Kit that accommodates various handgun models, providing a simple yet effective way to convert your handgun into a more stable and accurate shooting platform.
  2. Enhanced Stability: The Generation 2 MCK is engineered with a robust chassis system that significantly improves the stability of your handgun. The added stability reduces muzzle rise, resulting in better control during rapid firing and follow-up shots.
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MCK GEN2 BL Generation 2 MCK

Originally designed to improve one-handed shooting, the new MCK features a redesigned brace. This brace not only provides the same stability and security as the last model, it also allows the user to fire the MCK Gen2 while folded and locked!



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