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MK 150-SS STRINGER Crossbow Stringer

  1. Easy to Use: The stringer features a simple and user-friendly design, allowing even beginners to use it effectively.
  2. Two-Piece Design: The stringer typically consists of two pieces: a top piece and a bottom piece. These components fit securely on the crossbow’s limbs, ensuring stability during string installation.
  3. Step-by-Step Process: Using the MK 150-SS involves a step-by-step process, which may vary slightly depending on the crossbow model. However, it generally involves fitting the stringer onto the limbs, securing the crossbow, and carefully sliding the string into place.
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MK 150-SS STRINGER Crossbow Stringer

  1. Durable Construction
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Two-Piece Design
  4. Step-by-Step Process

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