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MZ 1001308 – 5/8×24 BIRD CAGE .308

The MZ 1001308 is a muzzle device specifically designed for firearms chambered in .308 Winchester or similar calibers. More specifically, it features a 5/8×24 thread pattern, which allows for easy installation and compatibility with rifles or pistols equipped with the corresponding muzzle threads.

The primary function of the MZ 1001308 is to mitigate recoil and control muzzle rise during firearm operation. It is commonly referred to as a “Bird Cage” due to its distinctive design, featuring multiple prongs or tines arranged in a circular pattern. These prongs serve to redirect and disperse gases that are expelled from the barrel upon firing, effectively reducing muzzle climb and felt recoil.


  • CNC Machined High Quality Steel
  • Manganese Phosphate Finish
  • 5/8 x 24 (.308)
  • Flash Reduction
  • Lowers Muzzle Rise
  • Does Not Include A Crush Washer


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