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The P15926 Kubaton Keychain is a practical and effective self-defense tool that is designed to be conveniently carried on a keychain. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easily portable, ensuring it is readily accessible when needed.

This Kubaton Keychain is specifically designed for self-defense purposes. It is typically made from durable materials such as aluminum or reinforced polymer, providing strength and longevity. The design features a pointed end or textured body that can be used for striking sensitive areas, pressure point manipulation, or as a pain compliance tool.



  1. Compact and Portable:
    • Designed as a compact self-defense tool that can be easily carried on a keychain.
    • Lightweight and portable, ensuring it is readily accessible when needed.
  2. Self-Defense Functionality:
    • Intended for self-defense purposes and personal safety.
    • Features a pointed end or textured body for striking sensitive areas or applying pressure to pressure points.
    • Can be used as a pain compliance tool to deter attackers.

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