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  1. Custom Fit: The SIG P320 IWB Holster is meticulously designed to provide a precise and secure fit for the SIG P320 pistol, ensuring optimal retention and stability.
  2. Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Design: This holster is intended to be worn inside the waistband, allowing for discreet concealed carry. It provides a comfortable and concealed option for carrying your SIG P320.
  3. Comfortable Carry: The holster is engineered with user comfort in mind. It features a slim profile, smooth edges, and ergonomic design, reducing discomfort and providing a pleasant carrying experience.
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🎯 Precision Crafted SIG-P320 IWB Holster – Conceal in Comfort


Designed for the discerning firearm enthusiast, this SIG-P320 IWB Holster combines security with discreet style. The meticulously engineered fit ensures your SIG P320 stays securely in place, while the inside-the-waistband design guarantees comfortable all-day carry.


  • Custom Fit: Tailored specifically for the SIG P320, providing an exacting fit for optimal retention.
  • Low Profile: The sleek design maintains concealment under a range of clothing options.
  • Kydex Construction: Durable and lightweight, our holster withstands everyday use while preserving the finish of your firearm.
  • Adjustable Retention: Personalize the draw resistance to suit your preference, ensuring quick access when needed.
  • Sweat Guard: Full coverage to protect your firearm from perspiration, extending its longevity.

Why Buy?

This holster isn’t just about carrying a firearm; it’s about merging convenience with peace of mind. From the adjustable retention to the selection of materials, every detail has been thoughtfully considered to offer you a premium concealed carry experience.

Embrace the confidence of a concealed carry holster that’s as dedicated to your safety as you are. Whether you’re running errands or on a personal defense detail, trust in a holster that’s both a guardian and a statement.


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