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SJ-1026-BL Black Dragon Spring Assisted Knife Tanto

The Black Dragon Spring Assisted Knife is a sleek and versatile folding knife designed for everyday carry and outdoor activities.With its eye-catching black dragon pattern, spring-assisted opening, durable construction, and versatile Tanto blade, this knife offers both style and functionality. Enhance your gear with this reliable and striking folding knife.


  1. Sleek and Powerful Design:
    • Black Dragon Spring Assisted Knife Tanto
    • Striking Aesthetics with Sleek Black Finish
    • Combines Style with Functionality
  2. Reliable Spring Assisted Opening:
    • Smooth and Quick Blade Deployment
    • Spring Assisted Mechanism for Effortless Opening
    • Ensures Rapid Access to the Blade
  3. Versatile Tanto Blade:
    • Tanto-Style Blade Design
    • Pointed Tip and Straight Edge for Precision
    • Ideal for Piercing and Penetrating Tasks
  4. Durable Construction:
    • Constructed with High-Quality Materials
    • Provides Long-Lasting Durability
    • Designed to Withstand Demanding Use
  5. Secure Grip and Comfortable Handling:
    • Ergonomic Handle Design
    • Provides Secure Grip during Use
    • Enhances Control and Maneuverability
  6. Convenient and Portable:
    • Compact Size for Easy Carry
    • Suitable for Everyday Carry (EDC)
    • Lightweight and Portable Design
  7. Multi-Purpose Tool:
    • Versatile for Various Cutting and Utility Tasks
    • Ideal for Outdoor Activities, Survival, and Everyday Use
    • A Reliable Companion for Your Adventures

Experience the sleek and powerful design of the SJ-1026-BL Black Dragon Spring Assisted Knife Tanto. With its reliable spring assisted opening, versatile tanto blade, durable construction, secure grip, and convenient portability, this knife is a versatile tool for a range of cutting and utility tasks. Whether you’re outdoors, in a survival situation, or simply need a dependable everyday carry knife, the Black Dragon Spring Assisted Knife Tanto is ready to assist you.


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