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  1. Design: The SSB-01 Sling Swivel typically features a loop or ring design, allowing the sling to be threaded through or attached using quick-detach mechanisms. It may include a locking mechanism or retention system to prevent accidental detachment of the sling.
  2. Mounting Options: The SSB-01 Sling Swivel is designed to be mounted on a compatible attachment point on the firearm, such as a sling swivel stud or a Picatinny rail section with a sling swivel attachment. It is important to ensure proper fit and compatibility with your specific firearm model.


  1. Function: The SSB-01 Sling Swivel is designed to provide a secure attachment point for a sling on a firearm. It allows for the easy and convenient attachment and detachment of a sling, providing support and stability while carrying or manipulating the firearm.
  2. Construction: The SSB-01 Sling Swivel is typically made from durable materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring strength and longevity. It may feature a corrosion-resistant finish or coating to enhance its durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

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