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TF 759BP Spring Assisted Knife

  1. Handle Material: The TF 759BP Tac-Force knife typically has a handle made from durable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or composite materials. The handle is designed to offer a comfortable and secure grip during use.
  2. Secure Locking Mechanism: This knife incorporates a secure locking mechanism, such as a liner lock or frame lock, to ensure that the blade remains securely in place during use. This enhances user safety and prevents accidental closures.
  3. Pocket Clip: The TF 759BP Tac-Force knife usually comes with a pocket clip for convenient and secure storage. The clip allows for easy attachment to pockets, belts, or gear, ensuring quick access when needed.


TF 759BP Spring Assisted Knife

  • 3CR13 black stainless steel
  • Drop Point Blade
  •  2.75-inch drop point blade
  • 4.5-inch handle
  • 7.25-inch overall length.
  • Spring Assisted
  • Finger Flipper
  • Liner Lock
  • Black Aluminum Handle with Purple Dragon
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Glass Breaker
  • Pocket Clip.


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