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TS-9111-RB-4 4″ 5 Point Throwing Star Set Ninja Shuriken

  1. Design: The throwing stars in this set feature a classic five-pointed design, commonly associated with traditional ninja shurikens. Each point is sharp and tapered, allowing for effective piercing and sticking into targets.
  2. Size: Each throwing star in the set has a diameter of approximately 4 inches, making them compact and easy to handle. The smaller size allows for better control and accuracy when throwing.


TS-9111-BK-4 4″ 5 Point Throwing Star Set Ninja Shuriken

  • Four inch throwing star
  • 5 points
  • 4 inch from point to point
  • Durable surgical Steel
  • Strong and Thick
  • Sharp edges
  • Weighs 2 oz
  • 4 different colors
  • Includes free black nylon case


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