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TY 0059 9 1/4″ Ninja Star Table Stand with Stars

  1. Decorative Elements: The table stand often features decorative elements such as engraved patterns, symbols, or designs. These elements add to the aesthetic appeal of the stand and enhance the overall presentation of the displayed ninja stars.
  2. Included Ninja Stars: The set typically includes a selection of ninja stars or shurikens that are specifically designed to fit the stand. The stars may vary in size, design, and material, providing a visually appealing display when arranged on the stand.
  3. Display and Collection: The TY 0059 Ninja Star Table Stand with Stars is designed for both display and collection purposes. It allows enthusiasts to showcase their ninja star collection in a visually appealing and organized manner.
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TY 0059 9 1/4″ Ninja Star Table Stand with Stars

  • Stand Length: Approx. 9 1/4″
  • Includes 3x 2.5″ Throwing Stars

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