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X 12N Guthook Saw 3 Piece Set

  1. Guthook Knife: The set includes a Guthook knife, which features a specialized hook-like blade near the tip. The Guthook is designed for tasks like field dressing game, making it an essential tool for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Saw: The set also includes a saw with a sharp and durable blade. The saw is ideal for cutting through wood, branches, and other materials in the wilderness, making it useful for camping, hiking, and survival situations.
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This must have 3 Piece Saw Set comes with:

  • 9″ Saw with 7″ Blade
  • 9″ Regular Skinner with 4.5″ Blade
  • 7″ Medium Skinner with 3.5″ Blade
  • Holster with 3 Pockets

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