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XTS 308: Side-2-SideFolding Vertical Grip

  1. Foldable Locking Mechanism: The folding feature of the grip is equipped with a reliable locking mechanism that securely keeps the grip in the folded or unfolded position as desired.
  2. Improved Handling: By providing a stable and comfortable gripping surface, the XTS 308 vertical grip enhances firearm handling, aiming, and target acquisition, contributing to overall shooting accuracy.
  3. Low Profile Design: When folded, the vertical grip sits flush with the firearm’s rail system, minimizing any interference or snag hazards during transportation or storage.


XTS 308: Side-2-SideFolding Vertical Grip

Ergonomically Shaped and with a new Grenade-Style handle, the XTS-308 brings stability and the ability to fold up to 90 degree’s, both to the right and left, along with a new, cost-effective variation of the traditional vertical grip, to any AR.


  • High Quality, Durable Polymer Structure
  • New Grenade-Design
  • 5 lock-in positions
  • 90 degree range Left to Right
  • Storage Compartment for items such as Batteries
  • Mounts to Picatinny Rail
  • Retail packaging



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