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XTS-CE12ML 12” M-LOK Free Float Flat Top Rail

  1. Lightweight Design: Despite its robust construction, the handguard is designed to be lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the firearm and improving maneuverability.
  2. Heat Dissipation: The free float design allows for efficient heat dissipation from the barrel, preventing overheating during extended shooting sessions.
  3. Slim Profile: The handguard features a slim and ergonomic profile, providing a comfortable and secure grip for optimal control during shooting.


XTS-CE12ML 12” M-LOK Free Float Flat Top Rail

Overview Ergonomic M-LOK handguard:

The XTS-CE12ML is a precision-engineered 12-inch M-LOK free float flat top rail designed for superior performance and durability. This high-quality rail system is perfect for enhancing your firearm with a sleek and functional upgrade. This Ergonomic M-LOK handguard is the standard in AR-15 free float rail systems.

Features Ergonomic M-LOK handguard:

  • Free Float Design: The free float mechanism ensures improved accuracy and heat dissipation, preventing barrel overheating during extended use.
  • M-LOK Attachment System: Provides versatile attachment options for accessories, ensuring easy customization to meet your specific needs.
  • Durable Construction: Made from robust materials to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting durability.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its sturdy build, the handguard is lightweight, reducing the overall weight of your firearm and improving maneuverability.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: The design allows for optimal heat dissipation, keeping your firearm cool even during prolonged shooting sessions.
  • Slim and Ergonomic Profile: Offers a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing control and precision during use.

Why You Should Buy:

The XTS-CE12ML 12” M-LOK Free Float Flat Top Rail is an essential upgrade for any firearm enthusiast looking for enhanced performance, customization, and durability. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling, while the M-LOK system provides the flexibility to add various accessories. Whether for professional use or recreational shooting, this rail system offers reliability and efficiency you can count on.

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