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The XTS-FFST front flip-up sight features a durable polymer construction, combining strength and lightweight properties. The high-quality polymer material ensures long-lasting performance, while its lightweight design adds minimal weight to your firearm.

Designed to provide a reliable and precise aiming solution, this front sight is easy to deploy with a simple flip-up motion. When not in use, the sight can be conveniently folded down, allowing for unobstructed use of optics or other aiming devices. When needed, it can be quickly flipped up for instant access to the iron sight.

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  1. Durable Polymer Construction:
    • Made from high-quality polymer material for strength and durability
    • Provides a lightweight yet robust front sight option for your firearm
  2. Front Flip-Up Design:
    • Easily deployable with a simple flip-up motion
    • Can be folded down when not in use, allowing for unobstructed optics usage
  3. Reliable Aiming Solution:
    • Offers a precise and dependable front sight for accurate target acquisition
    • Enhances your shooting accuracy and ensures reliable aim during engagements
  4. Adjustable Elevation:
    • Features an adjustable post for precise elevation adjustments
    • Enables fine-tuning of the sight for different shooting distances
  5. Quick and Easy Zeroing:
    • User-friendly adjustment mechanism for quick and reliable zeroing
    • Ensures consistent and accurate point of aim for improved shooting performance


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