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  • They can provide an added level of grip and stability during climbing activities or assist in scaling vertical surfaces.
  • The 2801 Ninja Climbing Claws are commonly used by enthusiasts of climbing, parkour, outdoor adventurists, or individuals interested in emulating ninja-like skills.
  • It is important to practice caution and safety when using climbing claws, ensuring proper technique and understanding the limitations of the tool.
  • Additionally, be mindful of any legal restrictions or regulations regarding the use of climbing equipment in specific locations or areas.


  1. Design and Materials:
    • Made from durable materials such as steel or reinforced plastic.
    • Feature multiple sharp and pointed projections resembling animal claws.
    • Designed to enhance grip and provide stability during climbing activities.
  2. Functionality and Use:
    • Aid in securely gripping and anchoring to various surfaces, including trees, walls, or rock faces.
    • Improve climbing abilities by providing additional traction and stability.
    • Can be adjusted to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences for a secure fit.

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