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9″ Tri Color 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set TK-114-3

  1. Size: Each throwing knife in the set measures approximately 9 inches in length. This size is suitable for both beginner and intermediate throwers.
  2. Construction: The throwing knives are made from durable stainless steel, which provides strength and corrosion resistance. The blades are typically sharp and pointed for effective sticking into targets.
  3. Design: The TK-114-3 set features a tri-color design, with different colors applied to the blade and handle sections. This adds aesthetic appeal to the knives and makes them easily distinguishable from one another.
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9″ Tri Color 3 Piece Throwing Knife Set

  • Crafted for competition and recreational use.
  • Includes three 9″ Throwing Knives With Sheath.
  • Black, Rainbow and Silver Colors.

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